Latex PhD Thesis Template Update

Published: 2017-08-27
Updated: 2024-04-17

New Lay Summary Section

The unofficial University of Edinburgh latex PhD thesis template, edengths, has been updated to include the new requirement of a “Lay Summary” section. This follows changes to the thesis regulations at The University of Edinburgh. The summary section is added by using the latex command \summary within the precntnt.tex file. This is included by default in both the standard and nomenclature versions of the template.

Migration to Github

To provide a more friendly environment for collaborative development of edengths I have moved the code from Bitbucket to Github. The repository can now be found here. Contributors should follow similar rules to those laid out for DTOcean Development: Change Management. The main difference with edengths is that two branches are supported - the master branch which contains the standard template and the nomencl branch which contains the version including a nomenclature.