Published: 2011-03-21
Updated: 2011-03-21

Well, not quite. I still need to pay off my dues and print and bind 7 copies(!) of the thing. Still, what a great feeling to have it finished. Viva and corrections felt a bit like going back to the bad old days of a one task life, but now it’s done it feels fabulous and I’m greatly looking forward to graduation, which will involve a KILT, no less.

Quite a bit has gone on actually since the last time I blogged but I’ve not really felt like I had the time to post. However, I did a time management course last Wednesday and I’ve worked out that Monday morning is a light year or two from my “Prime Time”, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to write something. Also, a friend just posted a blog and it made me feel guilty about never updating this, so twice the motivation.

So what’s the news? Well, fifthwave is nearly working and version 0.2 was released in time for my IES presentation, which explains a little about it and other things I do on the side. In fact, I might have a link to a pdf version of the presentation just click HERE to get the presentation. There is also a natty intro video to the presentation which is on youtube: I’ll embed it below.

Even with fifthwave coming on-line, there is still a lot of work to do. The primary job of a researcher is the production of papers, and I don’t have any to my name as yet. Thus, all attention is now focused on that. Hopefully fifthwave can give some backbone to one of the papers. The other is starting with a EWTEC submission which is based around the V&V report I did at the start of the job and then I’ll give it a canny twist of a hypothesis, to make it into a proper paper, hopefully. More on that to follow!

Right, lots to do! Need to plan plan plan! Oh, and check this out:

A youtube vid to be added…