Formula One 2010

Published: 2010-11-14
Updated: 2024-11-14

Wow, Sebastian Vettel is the F1 World Champion for 2010. It always looked like a possibility, but going into the last race in Abu Dhabi, it was looking highly unlikely that Ferrari and Fernando Alonso would not finish with enough points to retain their lead and, thus, Alonso’s would win his third championship.

I chose to watch the race around a friends house, with a bigger TV than ours, and demonstrate my uber geek to all his guests by staring at the timing screens more than the cars. With cheese on the menu for lunch, it was a fun afternoon for me at least. Also the amazing BBC F1 Forum aftershow, put on great entertainment by following the Reb Bull celebrations after the race. Although these were raucous, they somehow lacked the excitement of the Brawn win last year, and the team seems to have lost, rather than made friends this year. Obvious in his absence was Mark Webber, long time championship leader, who, although praising Sebastian’s world title win, did not wish to celebrate with a team that marginalised him this year in favour of his younger rival. In contrast, he McLaren drivers were gracious in defeat, and Ferarri ashamed of their costly error. Next year will be just as exciting as this, I hope.

I am actually glad the championship has finished, I must add. Although my fanantical support of this years races (and practise and pre-season) has given me something to look forward to during the hard slog to finish my PhD, now that it is finished I am glad to be able to use all my weekend to rebuild my tattered life. Yes, my six year old PhD is now submitted, and I can finally get on with whatever else I want to do! Unfortunately, I haven’t quite worked that out yet. At least I now have time to do it and I can choose. I just have to get back into the habit of choosing, which is easier said than done.

Anyway, congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. I hope you lose next year!