Published: 2010-04-22
Updated: 2024-04-24

Change. What on earth is that about? The Tories are at it, the Lib Dems are at it, but, in the end, the word “change” is as hollow from the lips of any politician, old or new. Frankly, I am suddenly close to voting Labour after being a hard and fast Lib Dem supporter for the whole of my voting life. Even worse, I nearly decided to vote Tory, as I know the Tory candidate and I know he’s a reasonable bloke. They all are really, yet the first smell of power and the shit comes out, and the crap posted through my door is suddenly ugly and basic. And so are the tactics of all the parties. The telly debates are, frankly, about looking into the camera and not looking too smug. I just can’t stomach it. There is no-one who can avoid a childish argument, and frankly, this just insults my intelligence. Yet, I will still vote, and probably Lib Dem. Therefore, I must be an idiot.