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Data Only Greater combines scientific software development, numerical modelling expertise, and specialisation in offshore engineering.

Company founder, Dr. Mathew Topper, has led the development of some of the highest profile software tools in the sector, including JBA's Forecoast Marine risk management software and the DTOcean ocean renewable energy array design tools.

We love the open-source software movement and want to help companies develop their toolchains to include collaborative, community driven software.


Data Only Greater is proud to bring you version 2.0.0 of DTOcean, which can be downloaded from Github. See our YouTube channel for new video tutorials. Check back for links to more videos COMING SOON!

DTOcean is the world's only open-source, fully parametric design tool for ocean renewable energy arrays.

Users of DTOcean can:

  • Catch issues early: Detailed design stages provide a standardised approach
  • See the impact of change: Full integration captures dependencies
  • Understand risk: Novel LCOE assessment provides unique insights

Data Only Greater is Sandia National Laboratories' preferred DTOcean partner.

Services we offer

Data Only Greater can offer your business:

  • DTOcean training, project development and bespoke solutions
  • Software development, from large engineering tools to modernizing in-house scripts
  • Numerical modelling for ocean engineering, including environment characterisation and fluid-structure interactions
  • Research and development into topics such as engineering cost-reductions, etc.
  • Consultancy services including:
    • Project scoping / evaluation
    • Report preparation
    • Bid proposal development

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