Add wave length metric to group analysis

Regression from region analysis.


Id: 98ac7924a360a777e0dd65b14895b4fa759dde3d
Type: task
Creation time: 2011-06-29 16:03
Creator: Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...>
Release: 0.3 (unreleased)
Status: closed : fixed fixed
In progress: 22 hours

Issue log

2011-06-30 15:06 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> closed with disposition fixed
For group analysis the wavelength can be recorded at the time of splitting choosing the average wavelength if more than one wave should be in each split.
2011-06-29 16:08 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
Starting to do this. For wave groups the wave should be trimmmed to a wavelength so in theory this is easy. If it's longer than a group tho, then another method will be required.
2011-06-29 16:03 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> created