Re-implement wave form movie generation

The wave form movie generation has not been carried over to the new version of It would be nice to port it over and can still be found in the version on the error_only branch.


Id: 740c6c94d5b512ae1a32a74d5addaded824c65e2
Type: feature
Creation time: 2011-01-20 16:51
Creator: Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...>
Release: 0.2 (released 2011-02-09)
Status: closed : fixed fixed
In progress: 3 hours

Issue log

2011-01-24 15:39 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> closed with disposition fixed
Done it. Had to add a clause to the Gen plot to fix the y-axis otherwise it will just scale it to the wave height. I have chosen to scale it to 1.5 times the initial bounds of the y-axis.
2011-01-24 12:38 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
2011-01-24 12:20 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> assigned to release 0.2 from unassigned
Decided to get the wave form generation back as it is quite useful from a debugging perspective. I am not going to do the analytical overlay at this stage however. I'll add another ticket for that.
2011-01-20 16:51 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> created