_best_test_indices fail

_best_test_indices is failing as min can't work on an empty list. There needs to be some sort of get out clause here, but I'm not exactly sure what is causing the problem yet.


Id: 5f497ff9986665d9d10262125f3c6793f9b05448
Type: bugfix
Creation time: 2010-11-15 16:05
Creator: Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...>
Release: 0.2 (released 2011-02-09)
Component: fifthwave.py
Status: closed : reorg reorganized
In progress: 19 hours

Issue log

2010-11-16 11:54 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> closed with disposition reorg
Solved the immediate problem of the script failing by putting a number of catches in for when the system can't find two good points to evaluate the celerity with. One of the problems seems to be with estimating the zero crossings so I'm going to start a new feature looking to improve this so that maybe they look for an average value rather than the absolute zero line.
2010-11-15 17:21 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> commented
Put in some cheap "pressure valves into the celerity stuff. Its generating no results at the moment though which is suspicious. I think maybe the return on line 499 is too strong.
2010-11-15 16:48 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
Going to try and choose an average height for the zero crossings and see if that helps.
2010-11-15 16:47 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> commented
It seems like the zero crossings are the big issue here, in that with a very poor wave form it is almost impossible to identify them. This is cause stuff that is dependant on these, ie everything but mostly the celerity to not generate data.
2010-11-15 16:05 Mathew Topper <mathew.topper@...> created