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DTOcean is the world's only open-source, fully parametric design tool for ocean renewable energy arrays.

Users of DTOcean can:

  • Catch issues early: Detailed design stages provide a standardised approach
  • See the impact of change: Full integration captures dependencies
  • Understand risk: Novel LCOE assessment provides unique insights

Data Only Greater is Sandia National Laboratories' preferred DTOcean partner.



DTOcean WEC tool
WEC Pre-processing

These tutorials illustrate how to use the pre-processing tool required for WEC simulation in DTOcean. Prepared by Sandia National Laboratories.

DTOcean installation
DTOcean 2.x Installation Series

These tutorials provide all you need to know about installing DTOcean.

DTOcean version 1
DTOcean 1.x Tutorials

A compilation of all the tutorials prepared during the DTOcean project for the Version 1 release.


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Get DTOcean!

Windows 64-bit

Wizard-based installer of the core DTOcean suite and graphical interface.

For 64-bit Windows OS.

Windows 32-bit

Wizard-based installer of the core DTOcean suite and graphical interface.

For 32-bit Windows OS.


Zip-file containing the example and template database backups.

Requires PostgreSQL.

Example Files

Zip-file containing quick-start example DTOcean save files.


View the DTOcean manual online.

Windows Installer

Wizard-based installer of the DTOcean manual, provides offline access in the DTOcean GUI.


PDF format export of the DTOcean manual.

The DTOcean source code can be downloaded from Github.