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Research Topics

The following sections describe some of the research challenges I have undertaken in my career so far.

Numerical Modelling of Marine Energy Converters

Creating and using numerical models to approximate the behaviour of marine energy conversion devices and the environment interacting with them. I have a particular interest in free surface problems.

Verification and Validation in Marine Renewable Energy

Verification and validation is a process to improve the degree of confidence that users can have in the results of a numerical model.

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Wave Resource Modelling

Using spectral wave transformation models to examine local conditions within wave farm arrays and for operations and maintenance activities.

Solitary Water Wave Modelling

Creating solitary waves (or waves of translation) in physical and numerical experiments.

Strategic Frameworks for Improving Predictive Capabilities of Numerical Models

The use of strategic research planning techniques can improve the effectiveness of funding for numerical model development by targeting the problems having the most impact on the solution.


These are a collection of notes I made on academic papers whilst working as a post-doc in the University of Edinburgh between 2008 and 2013.

Verification and Validation

Wave Resource Modelling



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