Time Management

So I did a time management course on Wednesday of last week and it was very very embarrassing. I couldn’t help but cringe when the nice lady giving the course put on the slide “Time Wasters”. I was like, “Yes, that’s me, I’m a timewaster.” The main gist of the whole thing was to re-prioritise our time by setting “priorities” to them. The scheme goes something like this:

A: Work Related to my job and of high importance.
B: Work related to my job which is urgent but not important
C: Work related to my job that is neither important or urgent
D: Work unrelated to my job.

The thing is I really need another category, something like this:

F: The work of complete slackers, ie Facebook, F1technical.net and Gameknot.com.

Much of my working day seems to consist of F priority tasks, when they should be AAAA+++ This blog post might in fact be an F priority task. Maybe I’ll give it an E. There was some talk of motivation and a meeting of goals and values and I suspect mine must be pretty messed up because I really can’t see any value in my goals. Eeek: New job anyone?

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